Just wanted to let you know that I am grateful to have this site up and running and I am currently providing the following services available for booking now.


The following are all Free Services.


  • Vairious Personal Development Consultations including but not limited to
  • Organisation of classroom training, NLP Weekend Booking and total immersion event Bookings.
  • Various one on one ongoing support, following therapy or purchase of various services

I also have a number of Paid Services including.

  • 1 hour live, one on one, therapy sessions.
  • One on one, personal development coaching also available to be booked by the hour.
  • My business developement coaching can be quite complex and include outsourcing of coaching and assistance so a 2 hour initial booking is required
  • Corporate Bookings /Events are also very complex in their development and require a 2 hour initial consultation.

For a short list of all services currently provided by me Click Here or

To get started and book your consultation now for any of these services Click Here

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